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I'm giving credit where credit is due. This RPG is inspired by the Sonic Turbine RPG.
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 How to mke a good character sheet

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PostSubject: How to mke a good character sheet   Sat Mar 15, 2008 11:09 pm

These are instructions on how to make a good character sheet.

Everybody needs a name. I hope everybody knows what a name is. Try to make your own original name.

This is usually left blank if the character prefers to go by his own name. But if your character prefers to go by some other name, then put it down here.

This is where you put how old your charcter is (duh). Some people decide to say that their character is ageless which means either your character has existed sinse the beginning of time, and/or your character cannot die of natural causes.

This is where you put what species your character is. A unique way to go is with cross breeds.

Please tell me that there aren't any problems with this.

I hope that nobody has a problem with this. Don't do anything outragious.

In other words how heavy your character is.

This has a limit of 300, but for an average I would say 150 to 170. Anything 300 and over is clearly god modded.

Martial Status:
If he is single, married etc.

Date of Birth.

Birth Place:
This can either be a place that exists or not.

Where does your charcater live? If the character doesn't live anywhere, then put the words None or put N/A (Not avaiable).

Does your character have a job? You can put none or N/A if not.

Social Class:
Now most people don't understand what this means. If you put "poor" that means your character is anti-social meaning they don't talk too others alot. I reccommend that you choose average so that you won't get confused in this.

Economic Class:
How much money does your character have? Choose either poor, average, or rich

This is what side your character is on. Good, evil, or neutral. Or if you want your character to be neutral but leaning toward one side or the other, than put neutral-good or neutral-evil.


Special Attacks:
They are your special attacks that can be like DBZ styled but please explain how they work and what effect they do.

Abilities and Aptitude:
Now these are your normal techniques explain what they do but please don't put it too detailed.

Physical Techniques:
Punch,kicks you the works just don't make them powerful unless there is a reason.

Hobbies and Talents:
This is what your is good at and does for fun. Please don't put something like killing.

Every character MUST have at least one weakness. Otherwise the character would be god modded. Preferably an elemental weakness.

Personal Facts:
Most leave this out and move along because this part isn't really that important.

Ok now remember this, do not put other people's character's in this section unless you ask them first.

Ok Rival's are a bit like enemies but have a tend too keep fighting your character and coming back. Like with the above, don't put someone's character down without permission.

Basically the common bad guys you usually face.

Known Relatives:
Please make up your own relatives and not to use existing game characters.

Likes/Favourite activities:
What they enjoy doing the most and "defeating people for fun" does not count so put what is more related to what he does in the character's free time.

Dislikes/Least favourite activities:
Now the words "Not defeating people" is complete rubbish but stuff like "studying" is acceptable.

Favourite colour(s):
There is no explaination needed here.

Catch Phrase(s):
Words that are used often but can be very annoying if they are said for a certain amount of time so It's best not too have one.

How your character behaves and acts. It is kinda important so that others can understand what the character's like.

Physical Appearance:
Please put a good description of your character's appearance. Or if you have a picture of your character, that can replace the description.

Items & Weapons:
Items can either heal, make you stronger or is a momento like an pendant. And Weapons well you know what weapons are, as long as they don't do a one hit KO's on each attack then that is fine. And try not to overuse them.

Your character doesn't need a vehicle, but your character will look cool with one. Please give a somewhat good description of it.

Theme song:
Music that represents your character, and the vehicle if you want.

Back Story: this is the part where all the problems are...the backstory, people make it short and not enough history in the character's past. If you want your character too have a good backstory then start off when your character was a kid then say different story events as your going upwards and don't make stuff like "My character lives in a jungle and defeated eggman in a war by hiself." Now it's better if you chose something like "My character was in a war when he was 15 and was with his comrades their goal was too defeat this enemy from obtaing the seven items but luckily they succeded after 2 years of training from his master." Now the second one was much more detailed and explains how he defeated the enemy and if you make it detailed as you make his past up and make it long. But please don't make it as long as an essey so just add enough detail, make it not too long and not short
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How to mke a good character sheet
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